Anna Elizabeth Hogg

Anna is a teaching artist and filmmaker working in central Virginia.


above / below

Part parafiction, part documentary, part sculpture, this project explores ideas of mapping and being mapped, surveillance, and the world beyond humans. The events of the parafiction begin with the February 2023 surveillance balloon incident, with the story told from the perspective of the balloon itself. When the balloon is struck down and falls into the ocean, rather than being recovered by the US military, it is discovered by a sea creature who consumes it. The balloon witnesses its own destruction, and the creature, in turn, develops the ability to see its surroundings differently--to surveil, to collect data. Threaded into this parafiction/science fiction is an experimental documentary addressing the history of aerial imaging of the earth. The work critically engages with the technology and its vision, from hot air balloons, to airplanes, to satellite imagery, and more. 

Work in progress
multi-channel video/film