Anna Elizabeth Hogg

Anna is a teaching artist and filmmaker working in central Virginia.


Charlottesville, Virginia



Anna Hogg is a teaching artist and filmmaker whose work indulges in the impossible and the unknowable, exploring these fields as productive sites for play and wild flights of imagination. Allowing truth to be unstable and knowledge to be indeterminate, her work “stays with the trouble” of the impossible and the unknowable.

Grounded in an experimental ethos, her practice spans film, video, animation, sculpture, and installation. In her time-based work, the form of each project is determined by the subject and the intersecting frameworks of documentary, narrative, essay, and poetic film practices. Whether imagining the experience of non-human subjects moving through a maze, combining image and sound to be an extension of stream-of-consciousness, re-speaking audio recordings in the style of verbatim theatre, or creating a large life-sized camera obscura in which to create long exposure time-lapses of the body in movement, the films transgress the easily defined boundaries of genre and discourse. The projects often exist in multiple iterations and combinations, as part of large site-specific installations, alongside live performance, within sculptures and objects, as well as black box theatre.

She is interested in the ways technology, including that of the cinema and the archive, forms memory, knowledge, and regimes of truth. In particular, she investigates technology’s gaps, dissonances, limits, and failures, beyond which one may speculate alternate ways of knowing and understanding, or even revel in the unknowability of such a space.

Her films have screened internationally, including Prismatic Ground Film Festival, Kasseler DokFest, Chicago Underground Film Festival, San Diego Underground Film Festival, and Big Sky Documentary Film Festival. She was awarded the Jury prize for Best International Work at the 2017 WNDX Festival, and nominated for the Golden Key award at the 2017 Kasseler DokFest. In 2023, she co-directed and co-founded the inaugural event of the Odds & Ends Film Festival with Light House Studio. She holds an MFA in Film & Video from the California Institute of the Arts and now teaches Film and Foundations at the University of Virginia.

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