Anna Elizabeth Hogg

Anna is a teaching artist and filmmaker working in central Virginia.


This Must Be the Wood

One of three sisters becomes lost in the wood where things have no names. Its ephemeral shadow-light filters into the room of the other two, who search for her in their own reflections. It is a tale of sisterhood and the loss of sisterhood, quest and the failure of that quest. Its images are made through a series of long-exposure time-lapses inside a large camera obscura structure, and its text is based on a series of fictionalized real events and Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass.
16mm, 9 minutes (2016-17)

Haverhill Experimental Film Festival, 2018
WNDX Festival of Moving Image, 2018
VISIONS May 2018
Celluloid Now, 2023

Awards: WNDX Jury Prize for Best International Work