Anna Elizabeth Hogg

Anna is a teaching artist and filmmaker working in central Virginia.


above [detecting] below

above [detecting] below is a multimedia installation that critically engages with the intersections between surveillance, data collection, mapping, artificial intelligence, and climate change. The installation proposes a para-science-fictional account of the February 4, 2023 China balloon incident. When the balloon is shot down off the coast of South Carolina, instead of being recovered by the U.S. military, it sinks to the bottom of the ocean. The weight of the ocean crushes and breaks down the balloon, its solar panels, antennas, and sensors. The balloon fragments drift into the depths of the ocean, where a massive cold-water-coral mound has begun to spawn. When the coral larvae settle on the remnants of the balloon, a part-artificial-part-biological cyborgian coral reef comes into being. With each new piece of data the cyborganism collects, it comes to understand the extent of the anthropogenic threat to its ecosystem.
Work in progress
multi-channel video/film